It is a retractable fin keel which can be raised or lowered during mid-voyage. A drop keel contains array of scientific equipment. Number of sensors can be added or replaced in a drop keel to suit its purpose while voyage is in on-going.

Flap Rudder :

The Flap Rudder with closed linkage system is the solution for the most difficult environmental conditions. Its sophisticated design incorporates the benefits of a flap mechanism, which is protected in a hydro dynamically-shaped top section of the rudder blade with a progressive flap angle ratio. This provides improved manoeuvrability at high rudder angles, smooth steering response, low resistance under steering and excellent course keeping. The closed flap linkage system is designed for high durability and protection against excessive forces. It also provides optimum protection of the linkage system from ice and sand.


Work Shop :

Safe Sail Engineering also provides a wide array of services in the field of general fabrication. Our very own workshop is located in a prime location near Howrah(Ichapur). Some of the projects we are currently working on are fabrication of stainless-steel bridge girders, mild steel mould boxes, mild steel brackets for conveyor belts. Repair work of ship components such as rudder, propeller, shaft, water tight windows and doors etc.
The main purpose of this workshop is to manufacture ship’s hull outfit components and underwater appendages.